Who Buys Condos?

When most people think of condos, they think of old, retired couples. Much if the population that lives in condos are indeed retired couples. This is simply because condos offer smaller houses and sometimes even assisted living within these communities. However, there are many other people whom condos attract, from a variety of demographics and for a variety of reasons.


One of the other top demographics that live in condos is younger couples. Some couples start out their life together with a small budget for living, and with only two people living together, it’s often much easier to live in a condo community, where houses are cheaper and smaller. For some people just starting out their independent home-owning life, condos are the ideal choice.


Another group to frequent condos is those who travel often. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, people who travel frequently throughout the year need a home that is smaller, low-maintenance, and with neighbors who will look out for their house. Condominiums offer all of this, with many close neighbors along with landlords who will look out for the property while the owner is away.


Finally, condominiums are great for people who want a small living arrangement close to work or school. Many college or graduate students want to live close to campus, and when living alone, smaller properties close to many neighbors are ideal. Plus, these properties are much cheaper, allowing for a smaller budget with a good standard of living.


Condos can be ideal for a variety of people, even if they don’t fit into any of the above categories. The amenities of condominium living are vast, and these condos take up a significant part of the real estate empire.

If you aren’t sure if you want to buy a condo or a house. I suggest to rent it first.

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